No fear. No shame. No talent.

Created by, written by, and starring Rachel Ravel and Austin Spero, Rachel Unraveled is a musical comedy web series following the real-life Ravel's outlandish alter-ego, a self-proclaimed star with a lot of heart and no talent, as she strives to make it big in the Big Apple. Whether she's dazzling casting directors (Maria-Christina Oliveras, Amélie) with audition songs written by her neighborhood homeless man (Jon Rua, Hamilton, Spongebob), re-enacting Rodgers & Hammerstein musicals shot-by-shot on the streets of Harlem, or taking her food delivery guy hostage, Rachel's blind ambition and (well-intentioned) narcissistic tendencies may not book her Broadway, but they will land her in countless song-filled misadventures scattered across the city.


In season one, Rachel's determination to land a job after her dad (William Youmans, Wicked) threatens to cut her off attracts the attention of her longtime nemesis, fifteen-year-old Austin Spatterman (Spero), who makes it his mission to banish Rachel back to doing community theatre in Connecticut once and for all. With the help of her career-climbing best friend, Marie Claire (Olivia Caridi, "The Bachelor"), and faithful telepathic dog, Ochun, Rachel learns to navigate adulthood, find success, and prove that she doesn't need Broadway to be a diva. Special guest stars include Chad Kimball (Come From Away, Memphis) and Lindsay Nicole Chambers ("Submissions Only", Lysistrata Jones).

The four-episode first season is produced by Ravel and Spero with Hit the Lights Productions. The pilot was directed by Ryan Harrington and Isaac Himmelman, while Ravel and Spero direct episodes 2-4. Original music and lyrics are written by Billy Recce (Balloon Boy). Acclaim for the show includes nominations for IndieWire "Project of the Year" and "Best Pilot" at NYC Web Fest 2017. In January, Ravel and Spero participated in a panel alongside the creators of popular Broadway web series "Submissions Only" and "Turning the Tables" at BroadwayCon.